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Creamfields – Best Uk Festival

Mixing is one of the best recipes for something to happen on a more enjoyable level than the average. Patterns lose meaning (which is good) when it comes to that mix of styles among people, places, music and vibes. And it is in this universe of cultural miscegenation that Creamfields consolidates another year like one of the festivals that more causes enchantment and desire world wide. Line-up crammed with great attractions and a place to fascinate even suspicious people, the event is whooping in the world of electronic music. And that’s when I ask you: do you know this event?

We’ll explain to you. In 1998, the Cream Club, from Liverpool in England, promoted in the Beatle city a bigger event than their structure was able to support. It was the first rehearsal of a mighty festival that was to come. This model was gaining strength in a city that got used to listening to the Classic Rock of the 80’s and 90’s. Little by little, the electronic music scene was coming out of the shade and gaining in size. In the second decade, in Daresbury, near London, Creamfields was already the strong name of a megafestival, but still with the European roots of its idealization.

Innovative since always, it was the first major festival to put live performances of the DJs that were seen – and this was sad – as mechanical music recordings only. Barriers were broken, the impact of the event was already too big to be restrained only in England and it was in 2002 that it began to spread to the world the joy of electronic music by countries like United States, Spain, Japan, Greece, Czech Republic, Poland and Portugal, Ireland, Turkey, Mexico, Chile, Malta, Argentina, Chile, Romania and Peru. And Brazil was not left out.

Then in 2004, Creamfields happened in Brazil. From Curitiba to Rio and passing twice for BH, the festival guaranteed good numbers here, but the discontinuity ended up happened after some issues. The biggest and most important stage of this world powerfull festival is still in the UK and the 2019 edition already knocks at our door with powerful press credentials. Eletro Vibez knows in depth how this festival happens and who tells of the experience is our founder Lorena Sá who loves the festival:

“Definitely our favorite festival. We are so well received by people, artists and crew. The line-up is more tech house and focused on good sounds and great exclusive shows such as Eric Prydz and Deadmau5. And having Swedish House Mafia and Calvin Harris shows a caring that makes a lot of difference when it comes to building an event with exclusivity. The experience of the stages is great, although they don’t have mega stage productions the atmosphere has a unique charm.

The pre-party, with three stages, are all with DJs playing for people to listen with headphones (or the “silent disco”) so as not to disturb the neighborhood. It is a very cultural event. For you to have an idea, on Sunday at 5:00 p.m., the festival pauses for the mass in the city not to be disturbed. These are experiences that go beyond the music and the commercial “.

We are now less than 90 days away from a new experience at Creamfields 2019. Do you want to go? Watch the return of SHM, see Calvin Harris playing live? So do not waste any more time and stick there at to get to know all the attractions and be ready to collect memories that will last forever. Is never too much spread good vibez in the world. See you all here!

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