D-SAB promotes collaboration with Jono and Nate Woods for the track ‘St. Lucia ’

Created amid the chaos and landscapes of Los Angeles, California, producer, DJ and multi-instrumentalist Daniel Sabet is making of the quarantine a moment for musical production. Inspired to create a summer sound, with good vibes and sensations, Daniel, or D-SAB, told Eletro Vibez exclusively about his career, dreams and about this super collaboration that you will know in this edition of Premiere Vibez – Around the World.

I remember going to events as a kid and always being infatuated with the DJ. They were the life of the party, they were the one in control of the vibe. I began my musical journey by playing the piano. I then went on to learn how to play the drums and trombone surprisingly enough. While I mostly played classical music growing up, I was always infatuated with electronic music. I remember hearing Eiffel 65 – Blue for the first time and falling in love with the genre”. Says Daniel, about his musical initiation.

Fascinated by what he heard at that moment, D-Sab created his own production culture, but based on the effort to save money while he was just a student. About Eiffel 65, he still manages to describe every aspect that charmed him.

The 4 on the floor kicks, the robotic sounding vocals, and the overall energy of the song was truly eye opening for me. IIn middle school, I started saving money to buy myself a DJ controller. I would spend hours a day teaching myself the art of DJing. I would try mixing various tracks together, work on unique transitions, and build my music database to support all genres. After a few years of DJing, I was inspired to start producing my own music in hopes that I would one day be able to play my own music live. I spent all of my free time teaching myself how to use Ableton”.

Through tutorials on YouTube, Daniel slowly began to learn the art of production and fell in love more and more. He started producing Big Room in 2013, but wanted to learn about new genres. Over the years, he improved his production skills and built a network of friends who were already part of the scene. ‘Learning how to produce was definitely a challenging journey, but it is one of the best life decisions I’ve ever made’, he celebrates.
In 2020, the professional Daniel, with so many connections and experiences in his youth, started to work in a collaboration that was shaped throughout the process.

I started working with Jono, an incredibly talented recording artist, a few months prior to starting this track. We mostly worked on Hip-Hop and R&B tracks, but one day we were just inspired to make a record that we could playout throughout the summer. A track that would instantly make you want to start dancing no matter where you were”.

The production started with Daniel and Jono with a focus on creating a typical summer sound from the beach clubs. After recording the first half of the track, we were looking for ideas for the second verse. After exchanging possibilities, they realized that a good friend, who always wanted to contribute with the pair, could help. Then they called Nate Woods and asked if he would like to be part of the project.

We called Nate Woods and asked if he would like to be a part of the project. He happily accepted the request and came over to record the rest of the track. All three of us contributed to making this song what it is today, and I am so happy I had a chance to work with these incredible artists”.

The production, even, emerged in an African style and was a bit disordered until a version pleased the demanding Daniel.

When starting the project, I envisioned a moombahton style beat with brass elements to boost the energy of the record. I began by programing the drums for the breakdown, and tried developing various melodies that would fit in the verse. I worked on a few melodies that I really enjoyed but that were a little bit too complex to layer over a verse. I didn’t delete those midi tracks but I just muted them. I then decided to take a step back and face the melody with a simpler approach. I ended up creating these plucked chords that would play on the offbeat, and it just sat nicely in the mix”.

And because he released the sound amid the chaos of COVID-19, he regrets the lack of opportunities to feel how the public would react when they heard ‘St. Lucia ’on a dance floor. ‘Unfortunately, the track was finished after the outbreak, so we didn’t have a chance to play it live, but after sending it out to several friends and artists, we received a lot of positive feedback. Everyone said that the song brought happy and energetic feelings, which was exactly what we were trying to create.
Do you want to know more about Daniel, D-Sab and hear his new track? Just click here and feel these dancing vibez.

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