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Vibez Interview with Moon Jelly: How a marketing agency for DJs works

We recently chatted with the crew of the agency Moon Jelly to understand better how a marketing agency for DJs works. Moon Jelly is a creative agency that provides an online hub for artists and DJs, where they can access articles, guides, exclusive webinars and podcasts to help plan out a strategy to boost the artist’s profile. Created by industry experts and marketing connoisseurs, Moon Jelly will see its official launch at this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event and you can check out our interview below:

Chris Bauduin how would you say that your experience having been on the other side of the game as owner of nightclubs can be useful to assist in the marketing of your agency’s DJs?
Moon Jelly: Being a promoter and club owner means your’e always looking for original ways to promote and market you events. Promoting an event is also for a big part promoting the line-up you’ve programmed which often means highlighting why you’ve chosen particular DJs to play at your event. So being on the ‘other side’ has given me a lot of insights on artist marketing for sure. Although I believe that working specifically on an artist’s overall marketing and branding strategy has more layers to it than just promoting an event or club night and that’s why it makes more interesting for me.
What are the company’s projects for the year 2019?
Moon Jelly: Our main goal is to keep growing of course, especially in growing markets like Brazil for instance. Secondly where are expanding our services and partnerships. Expect more visual content like master classes, webinars, interviews, podcasts and even live events.
Moon Jelly Founders: Chris Bauduin and Remko de Jong
What are the differentials that your experience having worked in three different continents can add to the Moon Jelly?
Moon Jelly: The electronic dance music industry is a worldwide phenomenon with a lot of similarities, but there are local cultural differences too. Not every market is exactly the same. Our international experience helps to add those nuances when you are trying to build a global presence. Plus we like to travel a lot, which is a good excuse to keep working in many different timezones.
Nicky Romero has seen major success all around the globe, can you explain how you were able to help rocket him to the forefront of the dance music world? 
Moon Jelly: To be honest it’s the artist musical talent and hard work that will make him/her a big star. As marketeers and creatives we can only add to that journey and help maintain their image and media reach. In Nicky’s case he has an amazing talent and is a great performer, which makes it easier to create powerful content. Plus he knows a good thing or two about socials himself so he is aware that his content must be stellar and posted regularly. So everything the team at Protocol and myself were doing fed off this strong basis. People tend to forget that an artist brand is also a media powerhouse with millions of followers on different social media channels. These people need to be entertained daily and by doing that on different creative levels you will be able to stay at the top like Nicky’s been doing for years. Besides making amazing music of course.
What would be the current artists that you would recommend for our audience to follow? 
Moon Jelly: This is a very tricky question, almost like asking an artist which country he thinks has the best fans 😉 We are working for hundreds of DJs so it’s really hard to pick a few. But we always say support your local heroes. And one of our Brazilian heroes is Bruno Martini.
What we can point out is to state who inspired us by the way they do their marketing. Like Yellow Claw, Peggy Gou, Don Diablo, Martin Garrix, Childish Cambino and the Chainsmokers. If you want inspiration how to build your profile, look at them.
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