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Nora En Pure speaks exclusively about influences and her new track “Tears in Your Eyes”

You know that sound we can carry to other dimensions? Imagine that track that has the ability to completely relax, taking our imaginary, to a paradisiac beach with that blue sea? Well, this is the power of the music produced by Daniela Niederer aka Nora En Pure, a South African woman rooted in Switzerland, who goes by enchanting audiences with their sound that goes from Indie Dance, Nu Disco to Tropical House, with passionate vocals and Melodies that soothe the soul!

Nora is one of the few successful women on the electronic music scene and deserves all this recognition. She is the author of hits likeCome With Me, Morning Drew, U Got My Body, On The Beach e Convincing”. After all, in addition to being super charismatic, is a DJ and full-time Producer who has been influencing many new artists with their “melodic and exotic” sound, as she herself has defined it.

Recently Nora released the sensational EP:Tears in Your Eyes, and we took the opportunity to chat with her about inspirations, career and of course, future plans! Are you curious? Then check out the news:

Who introduced you to the world of electronic music? What were your first influences?

Nora: So I met some friends in Zurich while I was studying, who had their own studios. They introduced me into this whole new world, and I was hooked quite quickly, as I was just in awe of how free you could be and how cool it was to experiment with different sounds. My early musical influences were actually not from dance music, but my love for other styles like classical and rock.

Where has been the most memorable show that you’ve played since you began your career?

Nora: It is always hard to focus on one, but i would say probably at the Coachella festival this year. It did feel like a big achievement to play at the incredible Yuma tent both weekends at this very popular festival. The sound, the lights and the atmosphere were mesmerising!

You’ve been creating songs with a unique identity, differentiating yourself completely from others. What inspires you to create such incredible productions?

Nora: I always try and make music that evokes a certain feeling in the listener. Being South African, living in Switzerland, I often find myself missing the wildlife and nature at home. I try to bring this feeling across in my music through animal sounds and organic instruments. Besides that I’m inspired by music soundtracks, i have always been amazed by how the music makes you connect so much with a particular scene and feeling. A lot of people say my music brings a feeling of Wanderlust, and in a way that’s what I am aiming for.

What’s one thing you hope fans take away from your music?

Nora: Sometimes I receive feedback from people saying that music has helped them through a tough time. When I hear that feedback I feel very humbled and very touched.

“Tears in Your Eyes” is your new track! Can you tell us a bit about how this track was created? What inspired you? What is your songwriting process like?

Nora: This track actually has been an ongoing project for three years. I laid the first ideas and beats down in 2014, but I put it aside due to other ideas I had to finish. I have always been in love with the classical instruments in dance music. The first bounce of this track had this very virtuous melody already and i was in love with it but I was unsure if it might be a bit too much. Every now and then I listened to it again and worked at it or altered it a bit. I played it in quite a few shows and the crowd seemed to really connect with it. It took some time to find the right vocal for it, and when I started working with Spinnin’ Records on it, we worked out a vocal topline. It has been my longest project, but it turned out to be a very special piece of music that really touches me.

Playing in Brazil is different from playing in Europe or somewhere else in the world? Do you has to make many changes based where you’re performing your set?

Nora: I love to play in Brazil, people always bring good energy. But yes, Brazil is very different than any other country I feel. Since years this Brazilian Bass is in a super hype, also most venues i play people just like to party and dance and apprecoate more vocals and fun drops. So yes i try to adapt quite a bit, but then also play things that might sound new and fresh to the crowd. One track all the crowds always enjoy is this one;  this was during a show in Buzios last year and was a lot of fun!

Do you have any tracks, collabs or new EPs that you’re working on at the moment?

Nora: I have two unfinished tracks that have been laying around now since quite some time and haven’t found the time to work on them yet. However since Tears In Your Eyes just came out and is receiving such good feedback I don’t feel too much in a rush 😉

For our last question, there is anything that our readers should know about you? Like what do you like to do with your time off?

Nora: Since touring there’s not much time left that i’m really off, with creative work it is hard to really stop working and switch off. But I do like to take my camera on travels and enjoy landscape & people photography. Other than that I am a huge animal lover and spend a lot of time in nature where it’s calm and peaceful 🙂

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