[PREMIERE] Swiss Gil Glaze debuts on STMPD RCRDS, with ‘Talk To Me’ beside Josh Charm

Passionate about electronic music from a very young age, Gil Glaze does not have that kind of story of someone who has always turned to studies and understanding of the music industry. At the age of 16, in Zurich, his first contact with the electronic music scene was as an event promoter of the nightclubs in his city.

His job was to bring young people to the venues that, at the time, hosted great names from EDM. He told Eletro Vibez that he watched Laidback Luke, Hardwell, Steve Angello and even Martin Garrix, and now launching his own production on one of their labels is like having achieved the dream. And it is this dream that you will check out here, at Premiere Vibez.

Ten years after having been only behind the scenes in the electronic music, Gil now accumulates an established career and a moment of high productivity. In early 2020, the Swiss released his first single called ‘Wasted’, but for a long time he has been participating in the high class of the music industry alongside references like David Guetta, Tiësto and even Martin has been joining him in his tours around the world.

And at this moment when tours and events stopped due to the Coronavirus, the mission is to give sight to the new compositions. Starting with the track ‘Talk To Me’, whose creation went through the health and economic crises in which the world finds itself.

I always worked with music that could be played in nightclubs in addition to having my releases done by Sirup and Armada, but during the COVID-19 crisis, I decided it was time to uplift these standards, to mix the influences I have from Future House and Funky, and the ‘Talk To Me’ song, which has now been finalized, reveals the encounter of all these facets ”.

And the track collaborated with someone Gil didn’t yet have contact with, and this all came about due to some coincidences:

We had some friends in common and also the same manager, but only afterward I heard what Josh had been producing and I loved that sound style. That’s where we joined our efforts and references to bring ‘Talk To Me’ to life. ” Gil refers to Josh Charm, DJ and producer who has been noted for productions focused on Deep, a modern sound full of references and linked to the new generation of electronic music worldwide.

And it was in an ‘intense exchange of versions of me and him, that we continued on the track. We started with a vocal sample, some drop ideas and finally, we got to this version that you’ll get to know ’, said Gil.

With the support of Martin Garrix, owner of STMPD Records, in which the track launch will be made, ‘Talk To Me’ was already present on the radio show of the Dutch icon DJ and also received the support of the duo Lucas & Steve, ‘which excites us too much, encourages us too much ‘says Gil.

And without the possibility of playing live and feeling the reaction on the dance floors, the Swiss remembers that this launch happened in a different way.

Actually, I never played it for an audience, but I played it during some livestreams and being able to see people enjoying it and asking me for the name of the track was the sign that it was working, it was accepted by the crowd. Now it’s just waiting for the world to return to normal to make it happen live. ”

And if you didn’t know Gil Glaze and his full potential on the decks of Europe and worldwide, don’t waste any more time. Check it out to enjoy ‘Talk To Me’ and get to know the work of this Swiss prodigy.





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