Vibez with Jax Jones: check out our chat with the British DJ and see how his amazing presentation was in Dublin - Eletro Vibez

Vibez with Jax Jones: check out our chat with the British DJ and see how his amazing presentation was in Dublin

Jax Jones: You may not be familiar with this name, but you must surely recognize this hit, “I Got You”. Yeah, this track is from Jax Jones, the South London multi-instrumentalist who devoted himself to electronic music after creating one of the greatest tracks of 2014, in partnership with the House Music master Duke Dumont. A partir daí, ele foi só sucesso e nós aproveitamos para conversar com ele durante sua apresentação em Dublin.

Before we reveal our chat with him, you need to find out how much this guy is a showman! In a performance filled with hits, Jax managed to keep the entire audience in an unrivaled energy, with dancers, a complete stage set and a lot of rain of flags and confetti. We can say that it was one of the most lively club presentations we have ever seen. Want to understand what we’re talking about? Press the play in the video:

Jax Jones @ Dublin

Jax Jones, você pode conhecer os seus hits mas não deve estar familiarizado com o nome, não é mesmo? Então vem ler a nossa última entrevista do ano agora mesmo: ⚡️

Posted by Eletro Vibez on Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Did you like the vibe of the show? So now enjoy and learn more about the talented Jax Jones with this exclusive interview:

You have a huge inspiration for styles like afrobeat, rap, hip hop and R&B musics and you release very fun and happy dance music. How is your creative process when you’re creating music, and how do you decide when you really like something and take it all the way to release?

It’s all about the vibe for me. I just get this feeling when I make music; it’s like a sixth sense. Sometimes I sit on ideas for longer than others, but I think generally the process is the same. I also listen to songs on loads of different speakers; in the car, at home, in the studio, on headphones… Once I know it’s sounding sick on everything, I know we’ve got a winner.

Your career peaked when you released the music “I Got U” with Duke Dumont in 2014. How has your life changed since this and is he still a big influence for you?

I wouldn’t say that’s when I peaked but it was definitely a moment that made me realise there were a lot more eyes on me than I thought. I suppose, ever since that moment it’s just been an upward trajectory. I haven’t really looked back, it’s just been non-stop! I’m forever grateful for that tune.

It’s different working on a song with a super pop star like Demi Lovato than with lesser known artists and singers? How was this experience?

I treat everybody the same so the experience is always the same for me. Working with Demi was great; it’s amazing seeing someone at that level of “pop star” and how they work. She’s such a professional and her team are just so on it, but it’s no different to working with someone who’s on the come up too.

And now what’s your future plans? Do you wanna send a message to your Brazilian fans? When can we expect you there?

I love Brazil! You guys are so passionate about music and I love seeing all your messages on Twitter and Instagram. Future plans are all about music! I’m working on bringing much more to you all so I hope you all stick around for the ride!



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