Giolì & Assia tell us about their sets recorded in the Volcanoes and more in an exclusive interview

Multi-talented artists, musicians, producers and live act, Giolì & Assia have wowed the world with their sumptuous productions that feature Assia’s lead vocals and guitar and Gioli’s range of instruments – cello, piano, guitar, drums and Handpan. 

Last year they launched a series of explosive live shows, #DiesisLive that has so far seen them perform at five mind-blowing locations including Etna Volcano (Sicily), Andromeda Theater (Sicily) and Isola Delle Femmine (Palermo) and rack up millions of views on YouTube and Facebook.

Taking advantage of their latest release, the track “Habibi”, we had a chat with the girls, and you can check it out here:

How do you classify the sound you produce?

Giolì & Assia: We define it Electro Indie Pop, even if we play underground tracks during our shows, our productions are full of different influences, and sounds. 

What are your biggest musical references?

Giolì & Assia: We really love Paul Kalkbrenner, Stromae, Florence and the Machine.

Tell us a lit bit about the process behind your new track, Habibi.

Giolì & Assia: We wanted to create a track that could unite all Mediterranean cultures, languages and sounds. The lyrics are in Arabic, English, French and Spanish, and we added a classical guitar as main instrument. 

Our plan was to shoot the Official Video in an arabic country. Now we have to wait, due to the lockdown, but we can’t wait to shoot it once we’ll be out of it.  

We are fascinated by your set on the volcano. The idea of recording a set on a volcano, how did it come about? How viral was this content in your career?

Giolì & Assia:  People say that the second album is always the worst. After the first video of the #DiesisLive format went viral, our new audience was expecting a next episode and we wanted it to be the best one.

Fortunately we live in Sicily, and we are lucky enough to have tons of beautiful landscapes, and the volcanos are one example. We live in Palermo, so we drove 3 hours to take a boat that could lead us to “Volcano the island”. At 3am we started climbing the volcano, and at 5am we were on the top. 10 people helped us with the gears, and once on the top we started to build the set up. 

The view was magical, but we had to be fast, because of the gas. You can’t breathe too much of that air, otherwise you’ll start coughing. We knew that the Vulcano video was going to be the most appreciated, but we didn’t expect to reach more than 10 million views. In December we shot a new Episode on top of another vulcano, the Etna, which was much bigger and more dangerous. We are so proud of that video, also because we added a new type of drone footage, the FPV. 

What are your biggest career achievements and what are the biggest dreams to be done?

Giolì & Assia: Our biggest achievements are the tons of new fans we have following us on YouTube, and all over the world during our shows. This is the biggest dream we ever had, to perform in front of a crowd that sing our tracks. 

Also we are very proud of our new agents, who were working hard before the lockdown. Once we’ll be back on the road, we’ll be part of a number of big festivals and line ups.

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